OpenBSD unplugged

В данном форуме представлено творчество линуксоидов в сфере юмора, а также черного юмора: анекдоты, шутки, подшучивания, злобные высказывания... %-]
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OpenBSD unplugged

Сообщение mend0za »

In the FM, dick! Did you look?

You blab on and on about a load of fevered imaginings and after all the
time you've been here asking question after question you still haven't
learned to do basic research. That is the same reason you are ttrotting
out the tripe about how the sky is falling on all of us OpenBSD folk.

STFA or cry on the shoulder of Mrs Google or read the answers in this
thread where at least two, (it seems to even my failing memory) have
mentioned such things in the last few hours. At least one by Marc Espie
and the other one quoted you a man page reference.

Go do your own homework for a change or become a farmer where spreading bullshit has a noble purpose and a fruitful outcome.
Rod Whitworth, OpenBSD PF team, misc@openbsd

Сеанс публичного препарирования мутанта в рассылке.

И увидел я зверя, выходящего из тундры. И число его было 3.14159265358979324...