Bench Games II - пройди любые тесты с Brainbench бесплатно!

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Bench Games II - пройди любые тесты с Brainbench бесплатно!

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Получила сегодня от них мейл с сообщением об очередной рекламной акции:

<i>We are excited to announce the dates for the second annual Bench Games. Last year over 200,000 people from 179 countries participated in the event. We're expecting an even larger turnout in 2006. Not familiar with the Bench Games? It is an international intellectual competition during which we make all our 500+ certification tests free -- YES FREE. The event will occur this year 5/1/2006 - 5/15/2006. Questions to be answered during Bench Games II:

* Will this be the year that India overtakes the United States in IT certification?
* Will Eastern Europe continue the certification surge initiated in 2005?
* Will "The South" once again win the regional battle within the United States?
* Will Linux and Unix certification prove more popular than Microsoft?</i>
(подробности здесь: ... entId=2310)

Ну что, сделаем Linux/Unix тесты популярнее, чем те, что по Майкрософтским продуктам? ;)))