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GnuPG 2.0

Добавлено: 14 ноя 2006, 00:07
Віншую ўсіх прыхільнікаў GnuPG з выхадам версіі 2.0!

What's New in GnuPG-2

* The *gpg-agent* is the central place to maintain private keys and
to cache passphrases. It is implemented as a daemon to be started
with a user session.

* *gpgsm* is an implementation of the X.509 and CMS standards and
provides the cryptographic core to implement the S/MIME protocol.
The command line interface is very similar to the one of gpg. This
helps adding S/MIME to application currently providing OpenPGP

* *scdaemon* is a daemon run by gpg-agent to access different types
of smart cards using a unified interface.

* *gpg-connect-agent* is a tool to help scripts directly accessing
services of gpg-agent and scdaemon.

* *gpgconf* is a tool to maintain the configuration files of all
modules using a well defined API.

* Support for Dirmngr, a separate package to maintain certificate
revocation lists, do OCSP requests and to run LDAP queries.

* Support for the Secure Shell Agent protocol. In fact, gpg-agent
may be used as full replacement of the commonly used ssh-agent

* Smart card support for the Secure Shell.

* Documentation is now done in Texinfo. Thus besides Info, HTML and
PDF versions may easily be generated.

* Man pages for all tools.